Rave Nylon Men's Indoor Package

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Complete Skate Package - No substitutions available


Boot: Jackson Rave

Plate: Viper Zytel Nylon

Bearings: Bionic ABEC-7

Wheels: Atom Snap (Pink)

Wheel Size: 60mm x 40mm

Wheel Hardness: 91A

Toe Stop: Bionic XS Stopper

Sizes: 3-6 full sizes only

Unleash the thrill of skating with the Rave Skate Package, where comfort meets durability at an unbeatable price point. Engineered with precision, these skates are not only affordable but also robust enough to handle the intense demands of derby skating. Slip into the plush comfort of Rave and experience a blend of affordability and toughness, ensuring that every skate session, from casual glides to fierce derby bouts, is an exhilarating and comfortable adventure. The Rave Skate Package is your passport to a world where comfort, affordability, and durability converge for an unmatched skating experience.