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Atom Skates: An Origin Story

The Spark of an Idea (2008)

In the heart of the roller derby boom of 2008, a group of passionate skaters and innovators saw an opportunity. Roller derby, with its fast-paced, high-contact excitement, was capturing the hearts of many. Yet, the equipment available often fell short of the demands of serious competitors. Driven by a love for the sport and a vision for improvement, Atom Wheels was born.

Atom Wheels aimed to revolutionize roller derby with high-quality, performance-oriented gear. The founders, who had been deeply involved in the derby community, understood the need for durable, reliable, and high-performing skates. They were determined to create a brand that would support athletes in pushing the limits of their capabilities.

The Birth of Atom Skates

Atom Skates quickly established itself as a brand synonymous with innovation and quality. From the very beginning, the focus was on meticulous design, innovative technology, and an unwavering commitment to the needs of the skaters. Each product was rigorously tested by professional and amateur skaters alike, ensuring it met the high standards required for the intense demands of roller derby.

Expanding the Vision: Bionic and Pilot Plates

The success of Atom Wheels was just the beginning. Recognizing that superior performance depended on every component of the skate, the founders soon introduced Bionic, a brand dedicated to creating top-notch skate accessories. Bionic’s lineup included bearings, toe stops, cushions and other performance components, each crafted to enhance the overall skating experience. Skaters quickly embraced Bionic's products, appreciating the high-performance results they provided.

Not stopping there, Atom saw an opportunity to further innovate with Pilot plates (now branded Atom) . These plates were engineered to offer unparalleled strength and lightness, giving skaters the agility and stability they needed to dominate on the track. The introduction of Pilot plates solidified Atom’s reputation as a brand that understood and catered to the intricate details of roller skating performance.

A New Chapter: The Acquisition by Tournament Sports Marketing (2012)

The rapid success and expansion of Atom Wheels, Bionic, and Pilot plates did not go unnoticed. In 2012, shortly after the company's inception, Tournament Sports Marketing (TSM), owners of Jackson Ultima Ice Skates, recognized the potential and value of these flourishing brands. TSM, with its extensive experience in sports marketing and distribution, saw an opportunity to take Atom to even greater heights.

The acquisition by TSM marked a new chapter for Atom. With TSM's resources and expertise in Jackson boot manufacturing, paired with the Atom Wheels, Atom plates and Bionic accessories, Jackson Skates had arrived! This marriage was able to expand its reach, improve its product offerings, and strengthen its position in the roller skating market. The partnership allowed Atom Skates to continue its mission of providing top-tier equipment while benefiting from TSM's established network and strategic support.

Legacy and Impact

From its inception during the roller derby resurgence of 2008 to its acquisition by TSM in 2012, Atom Skates has remained true to its core mission: to empower skaters with the best possible gear at affordable prices. The brand's commitment to innovation, quality, and community has left a lasting impact on the sport. Today, Atom Skates, along with Bionic and Atom plates, continues to be a trusted name in the skating community, helping athletes achieve their best and inspiring the next generation of skaters.