Finesse Nylon Men's Rhythm Package

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The Jackson Finesse Rhythm skate offers a comfortable fit with it's rolled padded collar and lightweight design. These skates are equipped with "silky smooth" 95a Atom Protégé wheels, providing agility and control on various surfaces. The package includes everything you need to get started, making it an viable option for both beginners and experienced skaters. With its emphasis on comfort and performance, the Jackson Finesse is a great choice for your skating adventures.

Complete Skate Package - No substitutions available


Boot: Jackson Finesse (Men's)

Plate: Viper Zytel Nylon

Toe Stop: Bionic XS Stopper

Bearings: Bionic ABEC 7

Wheels: Atom Protege (Black)

Wheel Size: 57mm x 32mm

Wheel Hardness: 95A


Men's: 4-12 full sizes only

 Boot Features:

  • Reinforced Vinyl coated uppers
  • Solein board reinforcement for strength, feel, comfort and security.
  • Memory foam ankle padding for comfort and feel
  • Flex notch for greater ankle flex.
  • A rolled collar that eliminates irritation to Achilles' tendons
  • Foam-backed vinyl and mesh comfort tongue
  • Stylized traditional PVC soles
  • Vegan – no animal products or by-products.

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