Boot Technology

AquaTech™ - The first and only true hot water molding system, for a custom fit

Luigino Racing first introduced AquaTech™ in 2010 in their premier inline and ice speed skating boots. This is a unique material that activates with hot water/steam. The material becomes soft and pliable, allowing it to custom fit to the foot. What makes this material so special is its ability to mold over and over. Aqua Material returns to its original consistency after cooling for the life of the boot.

Luigino Racing and Atom’s revolutionary hot water molding technique has changed the way people mold inline, ice, and quad skating boots forever. No more meltdowns with ovens or heat guns. AquaTech™ is the most effective and comprehensive boot molding system on the market today.

This method is thorough; eliminating hot and cold spots ensuring a perfect fit. AquaTech™ is used exclusively in Luigino Racing and Atom Skate products.


BFT Technology by Atom Skates

BFT™ – Barefoot Technology name comes from the “STANDARD SHAPE OF A BARE FOOT”

BFT™ is based on a 'Natural Fit' philosophy that positions the foot naturally the way Mother Nature intended it. Atom Quad and Luigino Racing Inline boots offer BFT™. This unique shape offers a true fit, accommodating the shape of the human foot... not deforming it. This is why BFT™ is so important. Over time, the natural fit helps support the muscular system to reach your optimal performance all while making skating more enjoyable. This unique shape gives you the ultimate in comfort and stability.

with and without Luigino BFT boot technology

Shown above: The image on the left with BFT™ Technology. Notice the natural shape and room in the toe-box area. Now, compare that to the image on the right; The same foot overlaid on a "traditional" boot without BFT™ - the toes are SQUEEZED!

(Note: Some feet are pointed and fit "traditional" shape better than a BFT™ shape. However, the standard or most common foot shape is shaped like BFT™)

BFT™ features include:

  • Anatomically shaped, wider toe box.
  • A natural fit, allowing your feet to relax for more control, comfortable, and stability.
  • BFT™ is found exclusively in all Atom Q6, Q4 boots and Luigino Bolt, Challenge, and Strut inline boots.


Luigino ProBack inline boot technology

Pro Back™ is molded, pre-shaped LATEX FOAM strategically placed in the tendon area for a secure fit.

Pro Back™ holds your heel tight in place. Latex won’t break down for the life of the shoe, ensuring a true fit long after they are broken in.

ProBack skate boot technology exclusively by Atom Skates

above left image: Luigino inline boot with Pro Back™  above right image: Atom quad boot with Pro Back™

Pro Back™ features include:

  • Molded, pre-shaped Latex that lasts the life of the shoe.
  • Best fitting heel & tendon area in the industry.
  • Improved overall fit.

Pro Back™ benefits include:

  • Better overall performance, quicker response, greater power transfer.
  • More comfort and longer lasting due to snug tendon and heel area.


Pro-E boot technology by Atom Skates and Luigino Racing

Pro-E-Sole – Ergonomic foot bed for support, stability and comfort

Pro-E by Luigino relaxes the foot, allowing it to make more contact with the sole. This additional contact provides added support, stability and comfort. Pro-E will help to relieve shin pain, provide greater comfort during extended periods of skating and ultimately help to prolong your overall skating career.

Pro-E skate boot technology by Atom Skates and Luigino Racing

Atom & Luigino Racing continually push the boundaries of boot design in order to provide the skater a product that improves performance and offers maximum comfort. Pro-E is no ordinary sole. Whether it is a removable insole or incorporated into the product design, Pro-E positions your foot properly, giving you unprecedented control and comfort.

Traditional skate boot soles are flat, providing at best, a slight arch and toe-rise. Pro-E brings you a true contoured foot bed providing the comfort and support that your foot needs and deserves when under the stress and physical demands of skating. This is especially true if you are on your skates for long periods of time, frequently, or wanting maximum performance.


Thermafiber by Atom Skates

THERMAFIBER™composite by Luigino has raised the bar in the evolution of high-performance speed skating shell construction. 


This patent-pending technology provides significant weight reduction while increasing the shell strength and rigidity by 5X the amount of standard industry shells.

THERMAFIBER™, just another way Atom Skates is driving innovation and bringing greater peace of mind.