Atom Snap

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Atom Snap - The perfect entry-level rink wheel. Quality performance at an affordable price and available in seven fun colors and 91A & 95A hardness! 

Sold in 4 PKS

Features include:

  • Size: 60mm x 40mm 
  • Hardness: 91A, 95A
  • Technology: 12 spoke Solid Core Technology

QWA2050.BK (Black 91a) / QWA2050.BL (Blue 91a)

QWA2050.GR (Green 91a) /  QWA2050.OR (Orange 95a)

QWA2050.PK (Pink 91a) / QWA2050.PU (Purple 95a)

QWA2050.RD (Red 95a)

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