EO Lightweight Carbon Inline Racing Frames

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Atom Skates is proud to partner with EO Skates to offer our customers the groundbreaking technology and performance of EO Skates Inline Racing Frames. EO Skates lightweight carbon frames provide excellent resistance as well as strength and stiffness beyond any metal or alloy frame at substantial weight savings.

One of the unique features is the 3D foam core, which substantially strengthens the frames without increasing weight. EO frames are designed for professionals; it will win over many enthusiasts among amateurs and competitors of all levels. 

*NOTE: Frames include axles but DO NOT include spacers.

Sizes Available:

  • 12.4 | 3X125 165/195 mount

  • 12.6 | 3X125 165/195 mount

  • 12.8 | 3X125 165/195 mount

  • 12.8 | 4X100 195 mount

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