Quad & Inline Wheel Technology



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    One-piece core vs two piece cores


    One piece core:

    more energy achieved from the core when using the proper materials, max control of stiffness vs flexibility, precision bearing seats and overall alignment, more flexible design features to adjust core stiffness, better control of band placement to ensure the band is positioned perfectly centered on each wheel, more control over band height and how much band mass is in the wheel.


    Two-piece cores:

    Must be sonic welded/glued or both, bearing seats and overall structure of the wheel is compromised due to the two pieces may not be properly glued/welded, difficult to control flexibility/stiffness of core because there must be enough surface contact to ensure the core doesn't separate, no option for inter lock through holes.


    Overall weight of one-piece vs two is arguable. The idea behind hollow core two piece was to reduce weight. However, banded technology has limited the weight reduction capabilities. High-Performance Core Design of today is dedicated to dual band technology. Weight of the core is important but last in line.