The Pilot F16 Story

The Pilot F16 series will go down in history as one of the first plate lineups to target interchangeable base plates and parts for quad roller skating!


The goal was simple; Create a lineup that allowed skaters to upgrade their Pilot base plate without having to re-drill holes in their boots. We also wanted to make it simple to upgrade from the base nylon plate, with non micro adjustment, to the Raptor plate, that offers an array of urethane cushion hardness, as well as a micro click adjustable truck setup.


Take it one step further and upgrade either the Raptor or Falcon plate with trucks that allows for precise pivot adjustment. Last but not least, Atom has utilized the 16-degree truck setup as this allows for optimal action for skaters as well as sits the skater lower to the ground for increased maneuverability!


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Base Plate Materials


Pilot Raptor/Viper - Composite:  Atom’s Pilot Raptor/Viper frame is great for athletes looking to reduce weight without reducing power! The glass filled Zytel nylon allows for a stable ride that reduces flex, which is notorious on plastic plates.


Pilot Falcon - 6061-T6 Series Aluminum:  Our 6061 Series Aluminum offers a stiffer ride than traditional plastic plates. By eliminating flex, the skater will get a more precise action from their skates experience! To complement the plate, we have also utilized 16 degree truck action to allow the skater to deliver 100% of their power through the frame, into their wheels, and onto the floor!


Truck Options


Adjustable Pivot - Falcon Plus  

• Adjustable Pivot Pin for precise adjustment between ball and base plate

• Micro Click adjustment nuts allowing for precise truck setup. (Micro Click Adjustment technology can be found on Falcon Plus, Falcon and Raptor plates!)



Micro Click Nut


Falcon Plus

Fixed Pivot - Falcon & Raptor 

• Ball and Socket Pivot System for precise action when under load

• 16 Degree action for quicker response

• One Piece Cast Truck




Bionic Cushions - Exclusive to the Pilot lineup!


Utilizing urethane, Bionic Cushions respond more efficiently allowing a skater to react much quicker than a standard cushion setup. Upgrading from the standard cushion found on the Viper to the conical shaped cushions on the Raptor and Falcon has never been easier. Bionic Cushions are offered in soft, medium, and hard.

Bionic Stoppers