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Q4 by Luigino ... Natural FIT

Luigino Racing, makers of industry-leading inline speed boots since 1997, introduced Vertigo quad boots in 2011. Q4 is a new concept in quad boot design. As always, Atom Skates approaches new product design first and foremost with the idea of enhancing skater performance. Our flagship Q6 and Q4 boots represent an entirely new concept while our Luigino F1 shares some of the same technology while maintaining a more traditional look and feel.

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    Unlike traditional quad boots, Pro-E and BFT utilizes anatomical structures to help guide the foot to its optimum position. As a result, Q6/Q4 can lead to a smoother stride and more power. The overall effect is to unlock your body's intrinsic capabilities to move more efficiently and powerfully.


    Upper construction:

    Microfiber is high-tech synthetics that lead the industry for the highest level of soccer, cycling road racing and mountain biking, moto racing and is now available in Vertigo quad roller boots. Microfiber is stronger and lighter than leather, water-resistant with no stretching for a true fit, even after it's broken in. 99% consistent so you get the same result with every boot.


    Liner construction:

    There are several different kinds of Microfiber. Our research on microfibers started in 1997 when we were the first to use it with Luigino Racing inline boots. The use of Microfiber lining has been a huge success and is now a standard in many performance shoe categories including our current competitors. The use of high quality microfiber lining improves the fit, feel and longevity of the boot.

Boot Features:

•  AquaTech and Leather board counters

•  Pro Evolution Foot Bed (e-Soles)

•  BFT (Barefoot Technology)

•  Poron Padding

•  Top-Grain Leather Soles (Stitched)

•  ProBack

•  Microfiber uppers & lining

•  Ankle Powerstrap

•  Sizes: 4 thru 12 (+1/2 sizes)