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F1 by Luigino ...Natural FIT

Luigino Racing, makers of industry-leading inline speed boots since 1997, introduced Vertigo quad boots in 2011. As always, Atom Skates approaches new product design first and foremost with the idea of enhancing skater performance. Our flagship Q6 and Q4 boots represent an entirely new concept while our Luigino F1 shares some of the same technology while maintaining a more traditional look and feel.

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    Vertigo F1 Ingredients:

    •  AquaTech - moldable for a custom fit

    • Leather soles - stitched with leather heels

    • Microfiber Lining - designed for handling sweaty feet, grips the foot better than leather, stays supple for the life of the boot.

    • Microfiber Upper - no stretch, very tough

    • AquaTech Counters - never break down providing lateral support for the life of the boot.

    • Pro Back - latex foam that gently squeezes the Achilles' tendon to keep your heel in an optimum position.


    Fit and Function:

    Vertigo F1 is designed with a very narrow heel for ultimate fit and performance. The superior molding capabilities of this boot gives every skater the ability to customize their fit.


    The F1 has an amazing fit right out of the box with little to no break-in period. The narrow design is a different way of thinking. Fact; It's impossible to shrink a boot during the molding process but to make space, widen the toe box, or customize the Achilles' heel area is a breeze. The Vertigo F1 makes it easy!

Boot Features:

•  AquaTech and Leather board counters

•  Poron Padding

•  Top-Grain Leather Soles (Stitched)

•  ProBack

•  Microfiber uppers & lining

•  Ankle Powerstrap

•  Sizes: 4 thru 12 (+1/2 sizes)