Package As Shown:

•  Luigino F1 Boot

•  Pilot Viper 4.0 Plate

•  Atom Poison Wheels

•  Bionic ABEC-7 Bearings

•  Toe Stop: Bionic Super Stopper

•  Sizes: 4 thru 11.5 +12


SRP (as shown)

Customizable with Create-a-Skate

Package Features:

The Luigino F1 boot features performance microfiber uppers and linings, AquaTech heat molding with stitched leather soles. The F1 has a traditional style and fit characteristics utilizing the Pro Series Last.


This package features the Viper 4.0 plate, constructed from Zytel Nylon Composite.

Atom Skate Packages can be shipped pre-assembled (no charge) or as components.

In either case, Atom Skates provides NO CHARGE BEARINGS for enhanced value!


Make this amazing package even better by choosing your own wheels using Atom's

Create-a-Skate custom wheel program. In the shopping cart, simply select ANY Atom wheel from the drop down menu and your package price will be adjusted automatically. Customizing your skates has never been so easy!

Juke Alloy

SRP: +$70

Boom Alloy

SRP: +$70

Boom SC

SRP: +$20

Juke HC

SRP: +$40

Boom HC

SRP: +$40


(as shown)

Road Hog

SRP: +$20


SRP: -$20


(same price)

Luigino Quad Boots

Jackson Quad Boots